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Ganoderma Lucidum

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Gano Excel Affiliate W. Tom Kowalczuk

They're herbs! Ganoderma Lucidum is an extract from the Reishi Mushroom. Ginseng and Tongkat Ali are roots, GOOGLE them. And no, the coffee doesn't taste like mushrooms.

We eat Spinach! It's good for us because of a mineral called iron. What does the Iron taste like? I don't know either. We sprinkle our food with salt which has iodine in it for proper thyroid function. It probably took a while for everybody to accept that one. I can remember when they started putting fluoride in our drinking water. In Carrots we'll find Beta carotene which converts in the body to Vitamin A and that's good for our eyes. What happened the last time you ate one? Did you notice any difference in your vision? Vitamin water...there's a new one. Sounds like Cool-aid enhanced with vitamins.

Enriched foods are part of our everyday diet. It just takes some of us awhile to accept new things. Coffee enriched with a mushroom extract... it's delicious. I enjoy a cup several times a day and believe it or not I actually find it to be healthy for me.

I started the Gano rejuvenation process in February of 2010. After just a couple of months I amazed at the results. No, this is not a miracle potion that cures all.

Your last headache, when did it end? A minor cut or bruise produced pain... be precise, when did the pain end? All that we can say is that, "the pain is gone" and you feel better. It was a slow gradual process producing the end result you were looking for... no more pain.

So it is with the Gano rejuvenation process... if you take Ganoderma daily, you'll feel a smooth, positive, distinctively rejuvenated and healthy experience and that's the goal. When exactly did the results you achieved happen... you'll never know.

Place an order*, drink one cup a day for at least two months and evaluate. Don't mix it with anything until you taste it. Usually no sugar, sweetner, milk or cream is needed. Adjust taste by using more or less water.

* wholesale pricing is available

Reduction of Stress Level
More Energy
Reduced Staining of Teeth
Successful Management of Daily Aches & Pain

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