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Issue 2, Volume 1 - July 2016

July reminder!
Do you need to re-order business checks, forms or business cards?

for your business!

Invest in your business by promoting your brand through increased sales and exposure!
A full-color, aggressive, exciting, business card provides contact information.
Tri-fold brochures will tell your story, advertise your company and promote your brand.
Sales sheets will publicize products and/or services you offer.
Doorknob Hangers may be a way of prospecting for new business while in a given area.

Invest in your goals, your business and your brand.
Full-color solutions are more cost-effective than ever.
In the long term, the investment have the potential to grow your sales and promote your brand.
An article at Witko Blog provides further explanation. Call or email for more information.

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Booklets  ~  Brochures  ~  Business Cards  ~  Calendars  ~  Doorknob Hangers  ~  Envelopes  ~  Magnets
Newsletters  ~  
Notepads  ~  Post Cards  ~  Posters  ~  Sales Sheest and much more!

Full-color Solutions Banner Video -   Full Power of Color

Color: increases readership by 40%
                   increases the desire to act by 30%
        increases ad recall by 20%

Ideas sell 88% better, recognition increases up to 80%
and invoices are paid 30% faster with the use of color.
In todays business world t
he use of color makes good sense!

Full-color Banner    FREE shipping on your first order.
Offer expires 9/30/16. Promo Code JG491

Browse website for more information! SAVE with "New item order" discount.
Just call, email or place order on-line. It's convenience at your finger-tips! 

2016 Business Forms & Printings
2016 Business Forms & Printing e-Catalog
Thousands of products to help you manage and promote your business
all backed by our 100% satisfaction 'Risk Free' Guarantee.

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