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by W. Tom Kowalczuk
November 15, 2010

A new grill prompted a celebration with a couple of thick rib-eye steaks. Still available in the area is a butcher carrying on the tradition of having the best selection of meats. Most would agree you’re paying for the quality and personal service but it’s worth every penny.” Are prices comparable to other businesses in the area? You’d be surprised.

Would a drive to the box or super store have produced the same quality at a better price? We’ll leave the question unanswered allowing for those who wish to provide comments.

This butcher has been a customer of ours for some 18 years. This businessman has been part of our support and growth. We respect that and will go out of our way to retain that valued relationship.

The steaks cost $11.00 each for a total of $22.00. Requesting a discount as a ‘thank you’ for the privilege of having me purchase meat at this business was not part of the scenario. Checking out, with cash in-hand, the stores front-end manager mentioned they needed a case of paper rolls for their cash register. I responded with, “I’ll have it here tomorrow.”

Depressed by the political atmosphere, high unemployment, lack of economic growth and constant complaining within this country my immediate reaction was…“This is an example of ‘how America puts itself back to work’.

"It works and it’s so simple." This transaction gave me a short burst of hope for the future and was extremely exciting at the same time. It demonstrated what is possible if we all, as a nation, work together for the good of the country and communities we live in. When America’s experiencing economical growing with lower unemployment this is good for my business and family.

Part of the profit from my sale paid for the steaks. Based on some estimates of profit margins the second time I purchase meat that also would be free. The third transaction would change the balance in the stores favor. I’m supporting a community based business and they in-turn are supporting me, my business and family. The circle is complete and works to further the growth and stability of the neighborhood. The bottom-line, both companies experienced an increase in sales and would continue to do so as long as the chain is not broken.

Cheaper steaks from the super store would never equal the benefits to the community and both businesses involved. Expand this same business attitude to a larger circle and America is back to work. Break the chain and the American dollar and jobs leave our country. Trade-deficit refers to this same business attitude on the world circle of support for the exchange of products and services. It isn’t working and there lies part of the problem.

So, the choice is clearly ours through the decisions we make as a people. The price of the steak was off-set by the purchase of my products which, not caring how it’s sliced they were FREE and extremely delicious. What topped this was a similar experience at a Sandwich Shoppe not long afterwards.

Copyright © 2010 W. Tom Kowalczuk. All rights reserved.

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